First Music Video-Hold On


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Just like with photography, videography has many different parts and genres. I was taught the basics in college on how to use my camera to create,commercials, movies, music videos, ads and so forth. The basics can take you but so far. You have to push beyond and learn and grow with each steps.

Trying new things and projects are time consuming and sometimes nerve wrecking. You research themes and looks you want to go for and in a sense mimic them. With music videos the music is the main component. You are creating a visual story from a story that has already been written to music. So the first step was getting with the artist and in this instance it was my Husband, Chris. He wrote a song in a dark time of his life when his previous wife passed. Although, the song was not completed it was enough to create the visual story around.

We came up with a treatment (storyboard) for the video. We had 5 scenes in mind. We shot two of the scenes in a horse barn attic. In the song he talks about suicidal thoughts after losing a loved one. So the first half of the video is about having the thoughts and beginning to act them out. Images of his children will bring him back to why he should continue to live.

One aspect we added was evil and good. Portraying evil and good could be done in several different ways. But because we have no budget we improvised. So throughout the video you will see the dark hand and the light hand enter in the scenes to lend to his decisions of whether take his life or live his life. The evil assist with handing him the tools; the good steps in to pull him back. All of this set in a dark scene to depict a dark part of his life. The good parts of his life are depicted in light memory sequences through out.

The second half of the video, although he is still in a dark place which will take awhile to get out of, he goes back in forth in his suicidal thoughts and what he is living for. Than faith enters back in his heart to set him on a better path.

The scenes are dark and gritty. Blurry scenes lead to the mind being filled with fog and shaking it off.

We’ve added real candid footage in the video to the memory sequence as a way to lend to what does he have to live for: children, music, mentoring, memories of his lost one and so on.

But another aspect of the song was his faith delivering him from this dark time. This aspect was added months after the original footage because I felt it was missing. We hear it in the song but there was no real portrayal. Simple fix: film the Bible focus on a book and verse on what God says about Suicide.

And finally: when filming you are not always going to get the shot so you can fill in the blanks easily in a music video in several ways: The artist performing on a plain backdrop, closeup on face singing, studio setting singing, set in front of a piano if the artist plays. You can do body shots: folded hands, tapping feet, hands in pocket. So we added the aspect of the recording booth because the artist wrote and recorded in the booth. Although he isn’t singing the course, his adlibs are through out the song and bringing that feel was important.

But enough about the Technical watch the video and help me get better. (Edited in FCPX)



THE JOKER-recreated


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Sometimes in photography we like to “mimic the master”, meaning we want to try something that’s already done and do it a tinge different, if possible. Also, as a photographer we delve into different aspects of the arts: Make-up artist, videographers, wardrobe stylist, casting director and on and on. I’ve made my attempts at them all.

This project came about because my husband would make a lot of different faces and jesters and I kept thinking he would make a great Joker, the Heath Ledger kind. He had the hair length, the bone structure, and this crazy thing with his mouth. Didn’t get a make-up artist, I recreated it myself. For my first attempt, I think I did OK.  I want to expand on it next time with a scenic background. Watch the video and see it unfold.




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Assignment to shoot food as proven to be a little tasky in itself. Deciding what to shoot and then remembering you are not a chef doesn’t make it easy. I went with salad, something I know a lot about. But, I didn’t know what “in season” was and what an cucumber and tomato should look like in season. I did my best with this assignment. I thought lining all items of a salad on a cutting board was a unique concept. My instructor suggested just making the salad. So I combined the two and prayed for the best!!! I had a soft box overhead and shot down on both.



On Location


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So I went with the Naked juice for my assignment. I am going to reshoot it using the idea my instructor gave of having a plain white background and have the peel wrap around the bottle. This one was shot with natural light to the right and a gold reflector to the left. Stay tuned for that, but here is my end product.


Naked Juice



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So Spring semester has begun and I am already overwhelmed. Just to think that I will have to do possibly 35 shoots by June is disturbing in itself. Our first assignment was a product on location shoot. The concept is to put the product in a natural environment outside of a studio. Everyone knows I love shooting people not things and one stipulation was no people in the shoot. I had this great idea to hang a dress from a barn and shoot Gain detergent under it in this beautiful sun light. But its January and the weather is bi polar and I’ve never been good at picking the right time of day to shoot. The other idea was golf balls with a broken window. Didn’t pull it off, so I came up with the idea as I was running on my treadmill. Do a product you use daily and enjoy. My theory is to pick something I love that way its easier to formulate an idea. “NAKED”!!! I love that stuff, no not naked people but naked juice. So I picked my favorite and bought the fruit and set it out in yard along an old fence. Here are the sketches of my different concepts. Stay tuned on 2/5/13 where I’ll post the winning shot


Film Premiere “Control”

Here is the Short Film I created for a class assignment that grew bigger than that! I am excited to add this new piece to my career. So keep in mind this is my first, I am not Steven Spielberg!!! And again I just wanted to tell a story and make people think about others and stop JUDGING each other based on what you THINK they are.

Go out today and genuinely ask some one “How are you, today?” Don’t text, Don’t Facebook, don’t tweet. Call them, stop by their home, ask them!

Enjoy!! Happy Holidays!!


Premiere of Short Film “Control”

My final assignment for Mutli-Media II was a 7minute short film. We were told to pick a subject we were familiar with and expound upon it. I took a subject dear to my heart to bring awareness.

We live in a world of social media where we do not know people as well as we use to. You never know where someone has been or been through in their life to shape them into who they are. We also do not look at ourselves and take the time to evaluate what is going on and seek out help to correct these things.

This film is just a short piece and a little insight. I wish i could have made it a full feature and delve into the story lines a little bit more, but this will do for now. So come back at 8pm and check out the film and #controlfilm to give your opinion, comments or rave reviews!!

Children’s Portraits-Instructors Pick


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Here is the image I picked from the teacher’s pick. My son is just so incredible in front of the camera. This is part of my series “In the Game”. I enjoyed this quick and effortless shoot as always. I missed the actual critque because I couldn’t keep my emotions in check when seeing the picture. But I think she though I used Sephia on the image, which I didn’t. I went with the 300 template and made some adjustments.